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  • Tips for Choosing the Right File Cabinet

    Tired of having your paperwork all over the place? Or did your flea-market-find of a file cabinet prove to be a party for termites? It's time to get yourself a new file cabinet. Buzzle helps you i

  • Why Lockers are Better with Steel

    With lockers becoming a popular personal storage alternative in many Activity Based Workplaces, the need for an apt and flexible option is paramountTo achieve this, the ability for total customisation

  • All About Furniture Design

    If you aren't following a set of commercial plans to build a piece of furniture, then most likely you will encounter the design process. Don't be afraid -- following a few basic principle

  • Top 15 Material Used For Furniture Manufacturing

    The diversity in furniture marketThe furniture market keeps on evolving each day. Apart from the comfort or the ease and convenience in using that the customers also need the furniture to suit the int

  • Robotic furniture is our future

    Furniture has largely avoided the smart home revolution, but robotic furniture is coming, and it may be the ultimate space-saver for anyone with an apartment or small home. Designer Yves Béhar ha

  • Creative furniture

    Marc Meiré, co-founder of German creative firm Meiré and Meiré, buys furniture for its sculptural looks. In his living room, a wooden Faye Toogood Spade chair has a back like a garden spade handle, wh