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  • How to plan a conference room?

    There are three areas in a company that make a distinct impression: Reception Area, Conference Room and CEO/President’s office. The conference room can make a statement about the company in many ways.

  • Ergonomics Advice

    Correct SittingSit back in your chair between 100° & 110°, (Not 90° or straight upright), with your thighs parallel to the floor. Place your feet firmly and evenly on the floor and slightly in fro

  • Office Furniture Buying Tips

    Whenever you want to impress clients and provide the best working environment for your employees; all you have to do is purchase some great looking furniture items. However, just any type of furniture

  • Office Furniture:key factors you need to consider

    Here are the key factors you need to consider when choosing furniture pieces for your business:1. QUALITY CONSTRUCTIONWhen it comes to upholstered furniture, cheap, less durable furniture wi

  • Rethinking Office Desks

    Optimize Your Office DesksOffice desks give the environment a certain personality, which is important if clients frequently visit the office. Your workstyle is on display. A modern aesthetic gives the

  • Choosing the Right Office Chair

    There are many things to consider when picking out an office chair. The most important aspect of an office chair is the support that it gives you while working. If you have to sit in your office for s

  • Rules For Choosing Home Office Furniture

    1.  Opt For ComfortWhile office furniture may be designed for work purposes, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. When planning at-homeworkstations, make ergonomics a priority, esp


    First, examine the environment you'll be working in. Consider locations of daily occurrences such as windows and doors. Then, make a list of needs in the office. These can be printers, computers,