Must-see for custom-made furniture

  Nowadays, many young people like to make custom-made furniture. They always feel that it is much cheaper than buying furniture in the store to find a furniture factory directly to make it according to their own requirements. They can also tailor-made according to their own preferences and living habits to truly achieve personalization. Home concept. However, custom-made furniture is not as simple as imagined, blindly seeking to save money, not knowing some details in the custom-made contract, not knowing the differences in various materials, and even encountering a black factory, will make your original "money-saving dream" shattered . A friend of the author, King, has worked as a designer for a furniture brand for 6 years. He is well versed in the process and conditions of furniture production. He has listened to some of his suggestions. I believe it will be very helpful for you who are planning to customize furniture.
  Reasonably save money
  The more you do, the more cost-effective
  From the perspective of saving money, if the manufacturer's reputation is very good, then custom-made furniture is very cost-effective. It is worth mentioning that making a set of furniture is more cost-effective than making one piece, because making a complete set of furniture can maximize the use of materials. Only making one piece of furniture will inevitably lead to waste of materials, and these materials were wasted. The fact is also included in the budget. So if you plan to customize furniture, it’s best to make a complete plan. All the furniture is customized. Find a reliable manufacturer, choose a more environmentally friendly main material, and implement overall customization. {HotTag}, you will find that, It will be thousands of dollars cheaper than buying finished products.
  The pursuit of individuality must be based on reality
  King said that many people blindly pursue individuality and only consider their personal preferences and ignore the living habits of their family members. This blindness forgets the meaning of the furniture itself, and it will not be comfortable to use it well. Some people ignore the actual situation of the house, and furniture made according to the style of the magazine, but it is very crowded in the home. These are all caused by consumers who are not professional enough and confident enough.
  Before custom-made furniture, several factors need to be considered:
  1. The number and situation of family members. If the area of ​​the house is limited but the population is slightly larger, the furniture should be simple in shape and the volume should be relatively small.
  2. The furniture style is consistent with the decoration style. What style of furniture should be determined before decoration.
  3. Make a reasonable budget. Don't consider manufacturers who offer relatively low prices or who are particularly easy to bargain. In some individual workshops, due to the extensive use of low-quality and low-priced materials, the price of furniture is relatively cheap, and can easily bargain thousands of dollars. Be careful with this kind of seemingly cheap furniture. There may be no defects on the surface. After using it for a period of time, you can realize the principle of "you get what you pay for". Therefore, in the early stage, it is necessary to do sufficient market research according to your actual needs. The budget is reasonable in the custom-made market, and you must know that good materials are not cheap.
  4. Use the budget on the "knife edge." Mainly according to one's own living habits and occupation, determine which furniture is necessary for life, which is not used or the utilization rate is very low. For example, study furniture. If you don’t have any books and don’t take your work home to do, then you don’t need a study at home, at most you need to find a place to put a computer.

2021-12-30 15:12