Six types of furniture competition

  There are many types of furniture. According to the source of raw materials, wood-based furniture is commonly called furniture; metal-based furniture is commonly referred to as metal furniture, including aluminum alloy furniture, etc.; plastic furniture is commonly referred to as plastic furniture, and bamboo and rattan furniture is commonly referred to as bamboo and rattan furniture; Use points, generally divided into civilian furniture, hotel, restaurant furniture, office furniture, etc. If subdivided by materials, the current types of furniture on the market include:

  1. Solid wood (all wood) furniture.
  The main body of the furniture is all made of wood, only a small amount of plywood and other auxiliary materials are used. Solid wood furniture generally has a mortise structure, that is, a fixed structure. Another major category of solid wood furniture is hardwood furniture, also called Chinese furniture. Hardwood furniture is a kind of furniture with strong artistic quality. It is made according to the traditional style and structure of Ming and Qing furniture in my country, and the specific mortise structure. It is made of precious woods such as rosewood and red sandalwood. This type of furniture has a high collection value. In recent years, due to the high cost and shortage of the above-mentioned precious woods, some manufacturers have used woods with similar textures and textures, such as Catalpa wood, for imitation. Although the form is the same, the value is far different.

  2. Wood-based panel furniture, also called panel furniture.
  The main parts of the furniture are all made of surface-decorated artificial boards, plywood, particle board, blockboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. There are also a few products whose feet are made of solid wood. Due to the shortage of wood resources in our country, wood-based panel furniture is the mainstream of today's market furniture, and most of them have disassembly and assembly structures.

  3. Curved wood furniture.
  The parts are made of wood veneer by gluing and bending, the product lines are smooth and changeable, the appearance is beautiful, and it is comfortable and flexible when sitting or lying down. This kind of furniture is quite popular abroad and is constantly being developed and innovated. In my country, it has only been produced and put on the market in recent years.

  4. Polyurethane foam furniture.
  Early polyurethane foaming technology was mainly used for the shell forming of sofa seat, which is light and easy to process. In recent years, it has begun to be applied to the frame decoration parts of bed and cabinet furniture. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, it can also achieve the decorative effect.

  5. FRP furniture.
  FRP furniture is made of glass cloth and epoxy resin through mold processing and demoulding. Its finished products are similar to polyurethane foam products, but similar products are heavier than polyurethane foam, and the processing technology is complicated.

  6, metal furniture.
  Furniture made of metal such as steel pipes as the main body and supplementary materials such as steel plates or wood-based panels.

2021-12-30 15:21